Tip Of The Month – Gain full control. Make your radiators more economical.

For some people, the thought of installing a smart meter is a step too far, and I can
understand why. Many believe that having your energy supplier know your every move
around your home is just a tad intrusive, and it dissuades them from taking advantage of a
genuinely useful technology.

Those of you who already use devices such as Alexa or Google Nest smart speakers, will
probably love what’s out there. So, without further ado, here are a couple of products that
you might find of particular interest.

The Nest Learning Thermostat

Leading with the sound bite ‘Your thermostat controls 60% of your energy bill. So shouldn’t
it help you save energy?’, they go on to explain that the device learns from you.

It gets to know the temperatures you enjoy when you’re at home, and turns itself down
when you’re out. It also learns how draughty your home is, and sets the temperature

The device only ever uses the energy you actually need, therefore saving you from spending
money on energy you don’t need.

Not only that, it actively teaches you how to save more energy. It does this by displaying an
earned Nest Leaf on your thermostat screen, every time you adjust your thermostat to an
energy-efficient temperature. This icon also displays on your smart phone.

As Nest learns more about your energy preferences, and finds ways to be even more
efficient, it becomes harder to earn a Nest Leaf, encouraging you to save even more energy.

The Evohome radiator multi-zone kit from Honeywell

With evohome, you can control your home temperature room by room.

Smart zoning means you only need to heat the areas you’re using, keeping you in control,
saving you energy and creating your perfect comfort zone.

You can create and control up to 12 smart heating zones, so you can make individual zones
for the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

You can easily control your home heating and hot water when you like, wherever you are,
via the Total Connect Comfort Intl app, the website or voice assistants.

The manufacturer informs us that 82% of your home energy bills are for heating and hot
water. But evohome smart zoning enables you to heat the parts of your home that you’re
actually using, saving energy and money.

Considering that different rooms require different temperatures, evohome lets you create
up to 12 individual heating zones, putting the comfort exactly where you want it. It adapts
to your changing lifestyle – whether you have radiators, underfloor heating, stored or
shared hot water, you can easily add and remove zones whenever you want.

They also tell us that upgrading your basic timer and thermostat control to evohome smart
zoning could deliver as much as 40% savings on heating your home.

There are plenty of energy saving products out there, and it would certainly be worth
speaking with your energy supplier before making any decisions.

I hope that this has given you some insight, and something to consider – especially as winter
is now upon us.

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