Tip of The Month – Need some plumbing stuff? It’s always worth spending a bit more…

It saddens me that many of the plumbing problems we get called to deal with, should never
have happened in the first place.
Fitting out a kitchen or bathroom is never a cheap task, and it’s easy to see why many
people choose less expensive alternatives when buying things like taps, boilers or shower
But the truth is, there are a lot of very cheap Chinese products out there that look the part,
but will often (not always) let you down a few months down the line.
Here are some examples of things to spend a bit more on:
The major difference is in the construction. Many people opt for one that has many flimsy,
plastic parts. They do it because they are really cheap, but the calls we get to service these
are way in excess of the calls we get to service ones made from metal and more superior
The difference in extra cost is approx. £300 – £350. Yes, that’s considerably more to spend,
but you’ll get a tough, reliable unit that will dramatically decrease the likelihood of a
problem occurring, and give you peace of mind – especially in the Winter months.

Shower and taps
Now this really is a no-brainer. Cheap options can set you back as little as £50. But a high-
quality German alternative is only going to cost you around £70-£80. They feel better,
perform better, and are much less lightly to cause you problems in the future.
And if you’re thinking of including a water filtration system, you can get some great value
products. If you go for a ‘plumber-recommended’ one, they can be a little more expensive,
but you can also find some great value online. Just be sure to read the reviews.

Toilet macerators
Not the sexiest of bathroom attire, but the same principals apply. The cheaper ones
(starting at around £170) tend to come with no warranty or service network. Meaning that
you’ll really be ‘in it’ if it goes wrong.
For a small difference of £50-£100, you’ll get something a little more robust, with a trusted
brand name and full warranty.

I hope you’ve found this tip useful. It’s always tempting to cut a few corners. But I can
honestly say, spend a little more and you’ll save in the long term, whilst having that all-
important peace of mind.
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