Ask Samuele: April 2022

This month, Eric from Richmond asks…

Dear Samuele,

I have just noticed that my toilet flush always seems to be making a noise, way after I’ve actually flushed the toilet. It’s almost like the water is continuously running.

Considering that I have my water billed on a metered basis, this must be costing me a fortune, not to mention the annoyance of the noise.

Is there anything I can do myself to fix it?

Yours sincerely,



Samuele says:

Ciao, Eric! And grazie mille for your question.

The cause of the problem could be either the inlet valve not shutting off properly, or the flushing mechanism seal, not actually sealing efficiently.

I hate to say it. But, on this occasion, there’s not really anything you can do about it, except call a plumber.

However, you are absolutely right in your assertion about the water meter, and the fact that it will be costing you money. So do get it checked out ASAP.

Ciao for now.


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