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Meet the team: Spotlight on Vicki

About Vicki

She leads from the front. She follows a strict exercise regime, and if someone was to play her in a movie, you wouldn’t mess with her character. Let’s meet Vicki.

Hello there Vicki, it’s very lovely to meet you. What do you do at the Italian Plumber?
Hi, good to see you. I work in admin and customer service, which I do full time.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Somerset.


How did you get you the job?
I was already friends with Wendi and Sharon, and one day they told me that Samuele needed another member on the admin team and suggested I apply for it.


How did the interview go… was Samuele a good interviewer?
It was actually incredibly informal. We met at a service station on the M27, so it wasn’t the most glamorous of settings.

Samuele was lovely, it didn’t feel like an interview at all. We just chatted and I told him about my past work experience.

After the interview, Samuele had another chat with Wendi, and I was then offered the job.


How long have you been working for Samuele?
Since August 21, so not too long, but I’m really enjoying it. The Italian Plumber is genuinely a lovely place to work, and the people are a lot of fun.

That’s great to hear. On a slightly different note, if you were to play a role in a movie, what character would you like to be?
That’s a tough one really, you don’t get asked that every day. I like the idea of being a Bond girl. Either that or some kind of Superhero.


A Superhero, eh? Ok, what would your super power be?
I think it would have to be invisibility.


Probably for the same reasons most of us would want to be invisible… so you could spy on people and see people do things that… well, we’ll leave it there?


Ok, got you. Flipping the coin slightly, if someone was to play you in a movie, who would you want it to be?
That would have to be Uma Thurman. I think she is just so cool. I loved her in Kill Bill.

I get the impression that there’s a bit of an adventurer in you. Do you like that kind of thing?
I certainly like getting out and about and trying new things. I like to travel… I’m off to New York in a few days, and I’m really into my exercise.


What kind of exercise do you do?
I do a lot of walking and running, but I also run online spin classes with my friends?


Spin classes… what’s that, and how does that work online?
It’s basically like riding a static bike, a bit like Peloton.
It’s something I started during lockdown with my friends. We all take part using Zoom, and I lead the classes… a kind of instructor.


You lead from the front, then?
Yes, you could say that. It’s a lot of fun and really keeps you fit and healthy… it’s quite intense. We currently do it about two to three times a week. I love it.

I also do a lot of weight training. I’ve always been into exercise.


If you won a huge amount on the lottery, what would you spend it on?
I can’t say I’d do anything particularly amazing. There are certain places that my boyfriend and I frequent a lot, so I’d probably buy a house in each of those areas. He’s from Belfast, so that would be the first place I’d buy somewhere to holiday in. And naturally, I’d buy a few fast cars.

If I was to ask your friends what you are like, what would they say?
Ooh, I think they would hopefully say something like: she’s loyal, very friendly, slightly mad, and always up for a good laugh.

Oh, and that I’m very loud.


What makes you good at your job?
That would probably be for others to judge, but at a push I’d say that I’m well organised, have a nice telephone manner and that I empathise with customers.

I’m also genuinely interested in plumbing, so it gives me quite a lot of knowledge that is very useful and helpful to the job in general.


Have you had any funny or unusual experiences on the job?
This one sounds a bit disgusting, but you did ask, so here goes:
A lady called one day, she was very embarrassed and apologetic.

She explained that she had got very drunk the night before, and had thrown up in the kitchen sink. She needed someone to come along to unblock the sink, but before she could do that, she had to remove the main, shall we say, chunks and debris in preparation.


Uhm, sounds lovely. What did you say?
I said: don’t worry, love. We’ve all been there.


Vicki, it’s been wonderful speaking with you today. Thank you for your time, and have a lovely time in New York.
Thank you. I certainly will.

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