Ask Samuele: March 2024

This month, Sandra from Ashford asks…

Dear Samuele,

I like to be prepared in the event of an emergency, so it got me thinking:

In an emergency plumbing situation, what steps can a homeowner take to reduce any damage before a professional arrives?

Yours preventatively,


Ciao, Sandra. And grazie mille for your question!

Firstly, in the event of you smelling gas, or you know there’s a leak, make sure you know where your gas metre is. Next to it, you’ll find a handle. Turn it and switch off the gas immediately.

If the emergency is during office hours, call us on 020 8945 7457. We’ll get someone straight over to you.
Otherwise, call the emergency gas leak number 0800 111999.
Write both of these numbers on a label and stick it to your gas metre.

If it’s a flood or leak, you’ll need to turn off your stopcock.
It is imperative that you know where this is, and that’s it’s in good working order.
Very often they are covered in rust and mud, and concealed outside under a manhole.

Here’s an article with more detail explaining how to not be caught out by a hidden or faulty stopcock.

Hope it helps.


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