Ask Samuele: May 2023

This month, Christopher from Mortlake asks…

Dear Samuele,

I recently saw a product that made the job of removing radiators much cleaner and simpler. It was invented by someone in your trade.

It got me thinking:

Have you ever had an idea for a plumbing tool invention that you think would make plumbers’ lives easier?

Yours sincerely,



Ciao, Christopher. And grazie mille for your question!

I’ve not had any ideas specifically for a plumbing invention, but I have had one for something else – free energy.
When I watch my young children playing, I can’t believe how much energy they have. They never seem to get tired… running around, climbing up things, generally being whirlwinds. I thought, “Surely there must be a way to harness all this energy that would otherwise be wasted.”

Then it came to me:
KID POWER “Make your kids work for you”

I’d produce these special little suits that kids can wear. Inside the suits are lots of dynamos. When the child runs around, it charges the dynamos, stores power, and then at the end of each day, the suits can be used to charge all your devices: phones, tablets, etc.

I’ll let you know when I go into production.

Ciao for now,


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