Covid-19: The Italian Plumber’s procedures

The Italian Plumber’s procedures for keeping our customers safe and well during the pandemic

My team is absolutely committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers during this horrendous pandemic. So, here is a clear outline of what you can expect when we arrive at your premises, and how we are policing these steps. Afterall, there is no point in telling you what we’re doing if we don’t follow through.


Remove items from work area
Our engineers will ask you to remove any unnecessary items from around the work area.


Open windows
You will be asked to open all windows immediate to the area that requires work.


Before the engineer enters your premises, or by phone prior to attending, you will be asked if you are experiencing any symptoms relating to the Covid-19 virus: coughing, loss of smell etc. If you are, we will need to reschedule the booking.


Hand sanitiser
All engineers must use hand sanitiser before and after entering your premises.


Shoe coverings
All engineers will pull on protective shoe coverings before entering your premises.


Working with gloves
Where possible, engineers will use latex gloves whilst attending to the work in hand.
In some cases, this will not be possible due to the nature of the work.


Alcohol wipes
Engineers will wipe down all work surfaces with alcohol wipes before and after carrying out their work.


Face masks
Face masks will be worn at all times.


Social distancing
Where possible, engineers will adhere to the two-metre social distancing rule. They will also remind all customers to do the same. Please do not take it personally if an engineer asks you to observe this rule. It’s for everyone’s safety.


After the job has been completed, you’ll receive a call from our office to ask if the engineer adhered to these rules.


If you are at all unhappy with the way we have acted in these circumstances, please be sure to tell us, and we will respond as a matter of urgency in order to put things right.

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