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It shouldn’t happen to a plumber: Oh, what a friendly little dog – Part 2

If you missed it, here’s Part 1

Now that Sniff was happily settled in the living room, Luigi could get on with unblocking Mr Braithwaite’s sink.

But what Luigi didn’t know, was that Mr Braithwaite’s other passion in life was collecting snuff tobacco and antique snuff boxes. If you didn’t already know, snuff is a fine powdered tobacco that you snort up the nose. By doing so, you get the nicotine hit, but without the need to burn the leaf. It tends to make the user sneeze a lot.

The job was going nicely. The plunger was all Luigi needed to complete the unblocking, and he was soon ready to pack up and attend the next job.

He gave the sink a wipe down, picked up his tools and shouted up to Mr Braithwaite, informing him that he was all done, and ready to go.

Luigi could hear a lot of sneezing so just assumed that our cherished customer was acknowledging his departure, whilst taking a pinch of his beloved snuff.

Luigi shut the front door behind him, and set off to repair a boiler in Chiswick.
Whilst in the van, it suddenly struck him that he hadn’t said goodbye to Sniff. “Not to worry”, he thought. The little dog had seemed quite happy, and could easily open the living room door with his paw, should he feel the need.

Later that afternoon, back in the office, our office manager – Susan – answered a call.
“This is Mr Braithwaite. Sniff’s sniffed my snuff”, he frustratedly announced.
“Sniff… snuff?”, Susan questioned, slightly disorientated.

“Yes, Luigi’s dog Sniff has had a load of my snuff, and now the bloody thing is sneezing all over the Chesterfield. I don’t mind dogs, but I don’t want them touching my snuff, and I’m surprised Luigi brought it with him”, Mr Braithwaite explained.

“But Luigi doesn’t have a dog”, Susan replied.
“Then who’s Sniff, and how did he get into my house?”, asked Mr Braithwaite.

After five minutes of dealing with the most bizarre call Susan’s ever taken, it transpired that Sniff was a neighbour’s dog who had gone missing for a few hours. Luigi had just assumed he belonged to Mr Braithwaite, so he happily walked him into his home.

As a gesture of goodwill, we found a specialist tobacconist and placed an order for some of the finest snuff known to man. Mr Braithwaite was very happy with the gesture, and could see the funny side of the whole debacle.
As for Sniff, he was absolutely fine and none the worse for his adventure.

And Luigi; he decided to leave animals well alone from then on. That is, apart from the time he went to install a central heating system, and the owner’s one-eyed parrot kept telling him to “F*#k off”.

But that’s a story for another day.

Until next time… ciao for now.

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