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I’m gonna have the runs

Well, it was always on the cards. You get older, and things start going wrong. You get aches, you find lumpy bits, the downstairs’ plumbing becomes sporadic… things just generally begin to decay.

In such times, there’s only one thing you can do – take action!
That’s why I’ve decided to run. A proper run. I’m training for a marathon. It’ll be in Winchester. If it goes well, I might even do the Amsterdam marathon too. I’m gonna have the runs make me feel young again.

I’m talking about generally reversing the aging process or, at least, doing stuff to slow it down. I’m turning 42 in March, so I’m really feeling that middle-age, mid-life crisis coming on strong.

A few months ago, I bought myself an off-road motorbike. I got the idea from watching Red Bull TV; they showcase various extreme sports. I think I got a bit carried away, and the next thing I know, I’m handing over a huge wad of cash and motoring off the forecourt like my grandpa on his mobility scooter.

I’ve only used it twice. It scared the absolute life out of me. I may be middle aged, but I’m not ready to die yet.

Another thing: I wish I’d never started shaving my head all those years ago. I wasn’t even going bald – I just liked how it looked. Now I am actually going bald, I’ve been toying with the idea of growing it and doing one of those comb-overs, but that would look ridiculous.

Buy hey, my eyebrows are now getting so long, perhaps I could just comb them back and cover the bald patch. Yep, that would probably work.

On the plus side, I don’t get too stressed anymore when people are having a go at me about something or other. Well, to be fair, I can’t actually hear them – I’m going a bit deaf.

And speaking of sporadic and decaying plumbing, no one should have to put up with that.
So, if yours is playing up, give my team a call. Fixing wonky heating pipes and plumbing is our speciality.

Until next time… Ciao for now.

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