Warm in all the right places. Even wearing just my underpants…

It had been an eventful day! My beautiful partner Charlotte had given birth to our equally
beautiful daughter Cassia – I was absolutely buzzing!

Come 10pm, when I’d usually be heading to bed, I was still high from witnessing the birth,
and feeling blessed that both Mum and baby were doing well. I knew there was no way I’d
be able to sleep, so I decided to install my new Honeywell evohome kit.

No time like the present, as they say!

I’d fitted the radiator valves the previous week so I was off to a good start. The installation
only took a few hours, and was pretty much hassle-free. And the best thing about working in
my own home is… no need to wear a uniform.

Installing a heating system in just my underpants was very liberating, I can tell you!

A week on (and fully clothed), I’m really pleased with the results; we can control each room
individually from the Honeywell evohome remote controller, and by using the smartphone

I’m often using our conservatory as my office at the moment, and Charlotte spends a lot of
her day in the living room nursing the baby. The evohome system allows us to just heat the
rooms we’re using.

The Nest smart thermostat that I’d already installed gave us excellent flexibility and control,
but I still didn’t want to have to heat the whole house just to warm one or two rooms.

The evohome takes the flexibility and control a step further. So, we can be light, airy and
ventilated in one part of the house at the same time as warm and cosy elsewhere.

Are we back to my underpants again, I wonder?

The bathroom reaches a toasty 23-25 degrees C in the late afternoon, ready for shower and
bath time for my eldest (she is seven now, how time flies!)

We’ve already noticed a more uniform level of comfort throughout the day. We can stay
warm in the living areas whilst we open all of the bedroom windows to ventilate during the
day. And we don’t get that slightly overwhelming “oven effect” when all of the radiators
come on at the same time.

By controlling each room independently, we also consume less energy, and waste less.

I don’t make a habit of carrying out late night heating installations, but this one seems to
have paid off.

Feeling like a legend in my own underpants, I finally went to bed and drifted off to sleep
while considering whether I should change my name to Super Plumber and start wearing my
pants over the top of my uniform…

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