Got a hot water cylinder? There are things you need to know.

As regular readers of The Italian Plumber blog will know, I normally just write about light-hearted stuff… funny stories, tips, the odd review… those kinds of things.

But I recently attended a refresher course that focussed on the safety and maintenance of ‘unvented hot water storage systems’. More commonly known as, Megaflo.

Naturally, I’ve always been aware of the dangers, and as a fully qualified heating engineer and plumber, I am certified to deal with any problems that may arise.

However, if you own a Megaflo, it would be good for you to know a few important facts associated with this particular appliance.

  1. When the water temperature inside the cylinder is between 4° – 100° it expands by 4% in volume
  2. When the temperature goes above 100° it expands 1,600 times in volume
  3. The appliance has safety valves that must not be capped, and must drain freely
  4. Hard water areas can create limescale that builds up in the cylinder, significantly reducing capacity and efficiency – we’ve witnessed up to 2ft of limescale
  5. Limescale build up can be dealt with by installing a water filtration system
  6. The manufacturer’s warranty states that the appliance must be inspected annually

These systems are generally a safe and efficient way to heat water.
Having said that, they must be maintained and receive regular inspections – ideally annually.
It’s rare that things go wrong, but when they do, they can be catastrophic.

Some of you will be old enough to remember the 1982 Oklahoma Elementary School explosion. It was a tragedy caused by an exploding water cylinder that killed six students and a teacher.

The point is, these things do happen, and they can be prevented.

If you would like to book a Megaflo inspection, discuss the idea of installing a water filtration system, or would just like some general plumbing advice, get in touch.

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