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7 plumbing checks you need to make before going on holiday

You’re all packed. The tickets and passports are safe and secure. You’ve switched all electrical appliances off… including broadband, and you’ve allowed plenty of time to get to the airport.

But in all the excitement of getting away, it can be easy to overlook a few of the other important domestic essentials. So, before you jet off to enjoy your holiday, take a few minutes to make these final plumbing checks.


1. Never switch the boiler off
There’s a clock inside your boiler that comes on every 23 hours and a few minutes.
It does this so the ‘running’ parts and pump keep moving and the system doesn’t seize up.


2. Check radiators aren’t leaking and have no green residue around the connections
If either of these things have occurred, you’ll need professional intervention.
The residue could simply be because of a loose connection, but they rarely fix themselves.


3. Set your room thermostat to 10° – 12°
Yes, even if it’s summer, or it’s just hot when you leave, set your thermostat or floor heating to a low temperature to keep pipes warm and to stop damp from forming.


4. Open all your windows
You want to make sure your home is aired, dry, and fresh when you leave.
Upon your return there should be no nasty smells, or formation of mould.


5. Run a final cycle through your washing machine and dishwasher
Once everything is dry and put away, wash out the soap drawers, leave the doors fully open and unplug the appliances at the mains.


6. Turn your water off
If you know where your stopcock is, it’s wise to turn the water off at the mains. This will vastly limit the threat of flooding. If you’re not sure where it is, just ensure that your taps are securely turned off.


7. And one for the road: Take a portable carbon monoxide detector with you
We’ve all heard the horror stories of people sadly perishing whilst in their hotel rooms. Regardless of where you travel too, it’s worth the small investment in a portable carbon monoxide alarm.


Enjoy your holiday and have a Margarita for me!

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