Tip of The Month – Got a blockage? Charles could help you with that…

The average cost of hiring a plumber to unblock a sink or drain is around £150.

More often than not, callouts for blockages turn out to be relatively easy jobs. It’s more
about the time we need to spend on it, rather than the difficulty. They are usually nice and
stress-free, and the customer is always happy with the result.

Other plumbers might think I’m mad for making the following suggestion, because it
effectively means I’ll potentially be losing work. But hey, it’s not always about making
money… if I can just make someone’s life a little easier in some way, I’m happy with that.

So, here’s my tip of the month:

Most of you have already heard about a vacuum cleaner called Henry. It’s a great bit of kit;
sturdy, powerful, great for home and industrial jobs. They last a lifetime. But, also in that
range is a vac called Charles.

This is a ‘wet & dry’ professional vacuum cleaner that’s ready for anything. It holds 15 litres
of waste, is driven by a workhorse 1600-watt motor, and has an operating radius of over 26
metres. And, at just 9kg in weight, it’s not too heavy. With a noise level around 70
dB, it’s not the quietest, but won’t deafen you either.

Charles will make easy work of any household carpet and floor vacuuming, but where it
really comes into its own is the ability to clean up spillages and unblock sinks and drains.

You simply switch between the wet and dry modes, as and when you need to.

I’ve seen it in action with my own eyes and I can tell you it’s fantastic.

If you live in a household that is prone to the odd blockage, or need something a bit tougher
than your standard vacuum cleaner, this is definitely worth trying.

And, at £150, it costs about the same as a plumber, but you’ll be able to use it whenever the need occurs –
potentially saving you a fortune over many years to come.

I have no affiliation with the manufacturer, and won’t make any commission, but you can
buy one here, plus there’s free delivery. Check it out. It might be the best purchase you’ve
made this year.

Charles is very simple to set up, and the build quality is fantastic. This is a tough, rugged, no-
nonsense vac, that’s ready for anything. Give it a go.

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