Tip of The Month – Oh, what to do about food waste at Christmas

As much as we’d like to eat all of the food that we so painstakingly prepare over the festive
season, for most, there’s still going to be a considerable amount of waste.

Many won’t touch the Brussels sprouts. No one’s going to eat a turkey carcass, and there
are always a few too many potatoes still kicking around… they just don’t taste so great two
days after the main event.

So, what do you do? Most people don’t have the luxury of a compost heap, and sticking
them in one of those little green food recycling bins is virtually a call to action for foxes.That’s why this month’s tip is about a gadget that solves the food waste problem.

It’s a waste disposal unit called the InSinkErator. I’ve personally installed one in my home,
and it’s great.

The unit is attached directly beneath your kitchen sink and uses a grinding mechanism to
break food waste down into tiny particles.

You simply run your cold water tap for around 10 seconds, then gradually scrape the waste
down your plug hole. Keep the water running, allowing for the waste to be flushed through
to the grinding mechanism. It doesn’t use any blades, and is entirely safe to use.

What does it do with the waste, exactly? It liquifies it and flushes it through to the waste
water treatment facility where it’s then used to yield valuable biogas and fertiliser. The unit
also ensures that food waste doesn’t end up in landfill sites, where it has no recyclable

When in use, the InSinkErator is extremely quiet. The build quality is amazing, and they have
a range to suit all budgets – anywhere from £150 – £500. Most plumbers can install them
with no hassle, and I’d be happy to take care of it for you. Installation usually takes between
three and five hours.

So, there you have it. Got food waste? Get an InSinkErator.

Until next time – Buon Natale.

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