Ask Samuele: April 2021

This month, Amelia from Earlsfield asks…

Dear Samuele,

We are planning on doing some building work to our home and want to move the boiler to a different part of the house.

Is it possible to do this, or would we need to get a brand new one installed?

Yours sincerely,


Samuele says:

Ciao, Amelia! And grazie mille for your question.

Yes, it is possible but it depends.

If your boiler is less than 4 – 5 years old, and has been well maintained, it is very likely that we can relocate it.

The problems occur when the gaskets and fittings become old and dry, as these create the potential for leaks when moved.

There is also the issue of extending pipes through ceilings and floors. Naturally, before anything can be actioned, a full inspection will be needed.

In short, if your boiler is nice and healthy, we probably can.

Ciao for now,


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