Ask Samuele: January 2021

This month, Jessica from North Sheen asks…

Dear Samuele,

Now that winter is in full swing, I can’t help noticing that my living room’s radiator is failing to keep us warm and toasty, even though it’s really hot when you touch it. What’s causing my room to feel so cold?

Yours sincerely,

A chilly Jessica


Samuele says:

Ciao, Jessica!

And grazie mille for your question.

This is actually a common problem and the answer is usually quite simple.

Without realising it, you probably have a draft coming from your windows.

If you have double glazing, you might want to check the rubber seals around the glass.

After years of wear, they can begin to separate from the window pane itself, and thus create a draft.

You could try fixing this yourself, or consult a trusted double-glazing company.

If you’re happy to just replace everything, go for it. There are some very beautiful styles, and they can also help to significantly reduce your energy bill.

Alternatively, if you just have single pane windows, you could consider using insulating film. It’s a much cheaper alternative to installing double glazing – though that would be the ideal solution.

Hope that helps.

All the best,



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