Whixh is better... bidet or douche?

For a happier mind, get a cleaner behind.

Should you install a bidet or a handheld douche?

Let’s face it, toilet paper gets the job done, but there’s a welcome satisfaction that comes with a clean rinse that not even the softest 2-ply can achieve. That’s where bidets and handheld bidet douches (also known as shower douches and bum guns) come in, offering a refreshing alternative to a regular fold-and-wipe solution.

They’ve been a regular feature in most European homes going back 30 or 40 years, especially where I’m from—Italy. Now the UK is fast catching up, and every month we seem to be doing more and more installations, especially for the handheld douches.

But with two popular options to choose from, you might be wondering: should I take the plunge with a full bidet installation, or is a handheld douche a more practical option?
Let’s get into it:


Bidets are the business
The bidet: a throne-mounted wonder that offers a spa-like experience right in the comfort of your own bathroom, providing a gentle stream (or powerful gush) of warm water that leaves you feeling fresh and squeaky clean.

They look very sophisticated, are a perfect visual complement to the toilet, and you can even wash your feet in them. Many come with bells and whistles like adjustable water pressure and temperature control, but some of the fancier models even have self-cleaning features, making it the ultimate in bathroom hygiene convenience.

The Pros

  • Superior cleanliness and convenience: No need to jump in the shower after finishing your business
  • Better for the environment: No toilet paper means no trees are cut down in pursuit of cleaner bits
  • Kinder to your skin: No more irritation from wiping
  • Medical benefits: Haemorrhoids are no laughing matter and anything that speeds-up healing-time can only be a good thing
  • Women’s hygiene: During that time of the month, they can be a life saver


The Cons

  • Installation hassle: It can sometimes be tricky, especially if you’re dealing with older plumbing
  • Space invaders: Not all bathrooms have the floor space to effectively accommodate such an appliance


Douches are delightful
The bidet attachment, bidet shower, douche… they have many names and come in a plethora of guises. But one thing’s for sure: they are way more affordable than a traditional bidet installation. They provide a highly flexible and targeted spray of water, and are simply fitted to the wall, right next to the toilet. They may not have all the features of a full bidet, but they get the job done!

The Pros

  • Budget-friendly: Significantly cheaper than fully installed options
  • Compact and discreet: Attaches to the wall and take up minimal space
  • Hassle-free: Doesn’t require additional drainage


The Cons

  • Could be a bit fresh: Depending on your plumbing, may only work with cold water
  • Dexterity issues: Unlike a bidet, a douche isn’t fixed or focussed on the important spots, so you might need to do a little more manoeuvring

Choosing between a bidet and shower douche ultimately comes down to your own personal preference and the size of your bathroom. We find that around 80% of our clients opt for the shower douche, mainly because of space and convenience.

Either way, ditch the scratchy paper and embrace the cleaning capabilities of a jet wash. After all, a clean behind will give you a happier mind. Call us today on 020 8945 7457 or use the contact form to book a professional installation.

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