How to avoid a plumbing disaster this Christmas 2022

For many people, 2022 will bring the first proper Christmas they’ve had in the last few years.
That’s why it’s especially important that nothing goes wrong, and that you all get to enjoy a really special day. So, here are a few tips to make sure the festivities go off with the right kind of bang.


Insulate, insulate, insulate…
Insulating your water pipes is the best protection you can have against them bursting in the cold months. It’s not a particularly difficult job. We recommend you just go down to somewhere like B&Q, and ask for some ‘pipe lagging’. It’ll make the pipes feel nice and cosy. Spend the time doing it and they’ll be protected all-year round.


Don’t block the sink with greasy stuff
It’s so tempting to just pour the remains of your fried food or roast turkey down the sink.
But that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Not only can it end up blocking the sink, but bad smells will soon begin to form. We recommend using Mr Muscle to give your sink a good pre-Christmas flush.


Leave the heating on
Even on the slightly warmer days, it is still a good idea to leave your heating on; we recommend around 17 – 20 degrees. It helps to reduce any damp and mould forming, and can be more economical than leaving it on a higher setting for shorter periods of time.


Be your dishwasher’s friend
Be sure to thoroughly scrape and rinse plates, pots, and pans before placing them in your dishwasher. One of the main reasons we get called out to fix them, is because of the accumulation of small seeds. The build up of any debris in the system will ultimately lead to reduced efficiency, or even a complete breakdown. We recommend you use Finish dish washer cleaner, and you should be all good for the festivities.


Bleed the radiators
Such a simple thing, but so often overlooked. Over time, air pockets build up in radiators and can significantly reduce their efficiency. Bleeding the radiator will release that build-up of air and restore it back to its original heat output. We recommend you read this to learn how it’s done.


Check the boiler pressure
Boiler pressure is the pressure of the hot water running in your sealed heating system. It keeps the water flowing efficiently around your home. Having it too low will affect the temperature of your hot water. Here’s how you can check your boiler pressure.


Dispose of food leftovers correctly
This obviously goes hand-in-hand with not pouring greasy liquids down the sink.
Make sure you dispose of all food waste, either in the bin or, ideally, in your weekly food waste collection. Better still, if you, or someone you know, has a compost heap, get it on there. Alternatively, here’s a pretty handy unit that could help you dispose of food waste this Christmas.


Regularly air your home
Lastly, this time of year there’s usually a lot more steam and moisture being generated in the home. More things are boiling; more people are taking hot baths and showers, and the windows are more likely to be shut.

Airing your home will greatly reduce your chances of getting mould and damp.
Be sure to do it at least once a day – just for 10 minutes or so.


That’s it!
I hope it helps. Boun Natale and have an amazing new year!

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