save 40% with evohome

Is it possible to save up to 40% on heating, just by upgrading your basic timer and thermostat controller?

A couple of years ago, in a bid to have better control over my heating and to save some money, I decided to install something called evohome. I wrote a short piece about it at the time, but I wanted to give you an update on how I’ve found it, and whether it has enabled me to be financially better off.

First off, a recap on what it is. Evohome is a wi-fi enabled heating temperature control system by Honeywell. You can buy various components, depending on your needs. But mine consists of a touchscreen thermostat controller, timer and a number of radiator controllers.

The system allows you to do something called ‘Smart Zoning’. This means that you can easily control the temperature of any room in your house, simply by using the app, thermostat controller, web browser or voice assistant – yes, it’s compatible with Alexa and Google.

It works by attaching, and then syncing individual radiator controllers in each room. There are also underfloor heating controllers and even heat pump controllers, so you can pretty much control everything.

The best bit, it’s so easy to use heating just in the rooms where you actually need it.
For too long, we have switched on the heating and then casually left multiple rooms to warm up, even if we had no intention of using them. This is the equivalent of throwing money out the window, not to mention the amount of carbon emissions that fly out with it.
It’s all too easy to let this happen.

Being able to control the heating whilst you’re out, is also a very handy thing to have. Knowing that you can come back to a nice, warm cosy home, without having to have had the heating on whilst you were out, is a fabulous thing.

So, a couple of years down the line, and how do I find it… and is the ‘up to 40% saving’ claim (as per the Honeywell Home website) true?

Yes, it is. I can’t put an entirely accurate figure on what we’ve saved, but it has been significant, certainly up to 40% on occasion. And what with the more recent outrageous energy price hikes, this is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The price of buying the kit, along with installation can vary a great deal depending on what you need. However, my setup probably paid for itself within the first 18 months, so it’s all good.

If you would like some advice about what you might need from an evohome system, give us a call. We can also arrange the installation.

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