Ask Samuele: July 2020

This month, Janette from Chiswick asks…

Dear Samuele,

I have a hot water cylinder installed in my home, but the water that comes from my taps is so hot, I’m terrified my little one could accidentally scald himself.

Why is it so hot, and how can I lower the temperature and still keep the hot water cylinder and its benefits?

Yours sincerely,

Janette and the little one

Samuele says:

Ciao, Janette! And grazie for your question. I’m often asked this.

The water in the cylinder needs to be kept at a minimum 60ºc in order to kill any bacteria (including legionella) that could otherwise grow at lower temperatures.

Installing a thing called a thermostatic mixing valve will solve this problem.

This will mix hot and cold water at the outlet, reducing the temperature to 45ºc – 55ºc after it has left the cylinder.

No risk of scalding, whilst keeping your water bacteria-free.


All the best,




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