How to unblock a sink for free

How to unblock a sink

Unblocking a sinkSave your pennies!

Sinks, showers and other household drains can get easily clogged with food waste and all sorts of nastiness.

Most people with spend their hard earned money on expensive drain cleaner.

But wait! We know a handy tip that does the job and could save you a few quid.

All you need is some household vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and a kettle.

  • Tip the bicarb into the affected drain and leave for 10 minutes
  • Then pour in about half a bottle of vinegar, it should start to froth and hiss, leave for 10 minutes again
  • Finally, pour in a full kettle of boiling water (be careful!)
  • Rinse with tap water
  • Repeat until water runs freely through the drain.

Tip: Add a squeeze of lemon juice for a fresh smell

If this handy hint doesn’t help the slow flow or clear the block, it might be time to call out a handy plumber as the problem might be further down the drainage system.

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