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Plumbing Hints & Tips

This month we’ve plumbed the depths of our knowledge to bring you a few handy hints and tips about your shower:

Drain screen

People with long hair are more prone to clogging up the shower.

But don’t go reaching for the clippers just yet, a simple screen over the plug can help prevent the drains from clogging and they just cost a few £’s.


We all love our pets but sometimes they can cost us a pretty penny in plumbing.

If you’re giving your pet a bath or shower, the fur can easily clog up the drain.

One simple solution can be to place a cloth over the plug when
you drain the water, to collect all that unwanted fur

Samuele’s top tip

Always make sure you know where the main water shut-off valve is in your home.

Being able to switch off the mains can certainly save your socks from getting soggy in a plumbing emergency.

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