Softer water, shinier hair, healthier skin – I’m loving this new filter gizmo…

Tip of the Month

Here I am, enjoying my evening bubble bath at the end of a hard day.

Apart from making me feel relaxed and clean, it gives me the perfect opportunity to pretend I have hair. I can create any style I like, as long as it’s a perm.

But if, like me, you live in a hard water area, those bubbles aren’t as bubbly as they could be. In fact, it is a scenario that affects most of London.

The downside of hard water is that limescale builds up into flakes and crusts, causing problems to skin, hair and even appliances such as kettles, washing machines, taps and shower heads. And that unsightly soap scum you see growing? That’s all down to hard water too.

Using softer water solves these problems. Plus, it makes soap and detergents lather so much more efficiently. Hey, it could be bubble heaven if only it weren’t for that pesky hard water.

So, with all that in mind, I thought I’d try one of those carbon water filters. The ones that don’t use salt, meaning that water tastes better and has far less impurities.

And that’s the reason why I’m putting this up for Tip of The Month.

Many customers have told me about the dry skin problems they suffer with.

Some have children with eczema or psoriasis. And all are bothered about the nasty limescale that builds up around taps, in kettles, and on shower screens.

I bought a filtering system that can be installed onto the main water supply. It really is a quick job, and there’s another, simpler version just for the kitchen sink. That one is great if you just want purer, healthier water – no more need to buy bottled water. Perfect for the environment, and great on the pocket.

But the one I installed makes everything better.

Here is a list of things it can do:

  • Reduces limescale build-up and the amount of cleaning chemicals usually required
  • Makes hair shinier, skin softer and is effective in solving skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Makes drinking water taste better, with less impurities
  • Domestic maintenance costs go right down as appliances last longer without requiring repair – including radiators and washing machines
  • Keeps taps, kettles and shower screens from looking grim and tired
  • Helps protect the environment
  • No heavy bags of salt required

Whilst doing my research, I noticed there were two main types of filtering systems: carbon and salt. The salt-infused filters just soften water, and that’s pretty much it. Great for reducing limescale, but not much else – especially if you want to drink it.

But the ones that use zinc and carbon to filter impurities – I believe – are a far better option.

I’m not going to recommend any particular brand here – that’s not the purpose of this post. But if you look around, you’ll find some great products.

Having said that, if you really want to know, drop me a line and I’ll tell you.

I’m just pleased that I now get more bubbles.

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